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10 Tips Pencarian Informasi Yang Efektif di Internet

1.Gunakan Beberapa “browser” Sekaligus
Munkin ini bukan jadi rahasia lagi bagi kamu.Tapi ada baiknya kamu buka lagi beberapa Browser sekaligus.Dengan cara ini kamu bisa buka-buka Browser lain selagi Download situs lainnya selesai.

2.Matikan Option Graphics Dan Lihat Gabar Seperlunya
Time out…..time out …..Wah gawat kalau sudah begini.Kalau kamu sering mengalaminya ada baiknyakamu matikan aja option graphicsnya Karena file-file gabmar/images inilah yang sering beruluran besar-besar.

3.Jangan Takut Mengunakan Tombol Back
Jangan sekali-sekali takut menekan tombol back bila kamu salah mengklik link.bila kamu salah mengklik ling kame nggak perlu nunggu proses “dowbload” selesai.

Tapi tombol back tidak selalu efektif untuk digunakan bila kamu ingin kebali ke link-link sebelumnya.Karena kamu harus mengklik tobol back beberapa kali Nah ada cara yang lebih cepat.GUnakan menu Go lalu pilih judul web yang kamu inginkan.Cara ini jaun lebih cepat dan lebih tepat karena kamu bisa langsung “loncat” ke halaman yang di inginkan.

5.Ambil Keputusan Dengan Cepat
Ini bisa menghemat uang kamu jika kamu sedang menelusuri hasil pencarian search engine atau hirarki internet directory.Pasalnya saat mengunakan web browser komputermu sedang terhubung ke ISP.

6.Gunakan Bookmark!!
Bookmark Bookmark Bookmark.Gunakan Bookmark untuk “mengingat” alamat situs yang menarik bagi kamu.

7.Jangan Ragu Untuk Mengulang
Sering kali komputer kita kelihatan “hang” saat kita sedang mendownload suatu homepage.Ini dapat berlangsung hingga lebih dari 5menit tanpa ada penambahan yang ditampilkan di layar.Tentusaja peristiwa seperti ini membuat kesal.Untuk menhindari hal seperti ini klik saja tombol reload/Refresh cara ini sering kali success

8.Kategorikan Bookmark Anda
Bila kamu menerapkan tips nomor 6 di atas ,jangan berhenti sapai di situ seperti kertas-kertas di atas meja, jika tidak kamu kumpuklkan dan atur sedemikian rupa cepat ato lambat akakn mempersulit kau sendiri.Terutama bila kumpulan bookmark anda sudah banyak sekali .

9.Malu Bertanya Sesat Di Jalan
Ternyata pepatah lama cepat berlaku walaupun banyak orang bilang internet itu gudangnya informasi.Tapi masalahnya terlalu banyaknya informasi yang ada disana oleh karena itu jangan ragu-ragu bertanya ke mailing list, atau ke news group yang berhubungan dengan pertanyaan kamu.

10.Hindari Waktu Sibuk Internet
Salah satu penyebab kelambatan adalah terlalu banyak pemakai padawaktu yang sama,Untuk mengatasi masalah ini kamu bisa bereksperiman dengan mengubah waktu-waktu koneksi internet.Munkin bila kamu melakukan surfing sekitar jam 5 pagi ( setelah subuh) koneksi internet kamu bakalan lebih cepat.

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Dusk Tiger The Next Generation of Robot Technologies

Dusk Tiger

3rd Generation Of Robot Technology

LP-Z Circuit

The Dusk Tiger features a Built-in LP-Z High Definition Impedance Circuit, designed and named in honor of the late Les Paul’s constant quest for high-definition guitar tone.

High Fidelity
The LP-Z creates an immediate improvement in fidelity, allowing you to run long lengths of cable without losing any q uality, delivering the highest definition sound that has ever come from an electric guitar. The difference has been compared to the visual difference in moving from old low-definition TV systems to a new high-def system, and the clarity and depth of tonal improvement that it brings to the game have to be heard to be believed.


The Dusk Tiger comes with rechargeable, user-changeable batteries, allowing you to keep a spare in your pocket or make a quick change – even on-stage.

Double the Power
The Dusk Tiger comes with two rechargeable batteries of a type that are widely available and can be replaced at most convenience stores, along with a wall-plug battery charger.

Easy Switch
Batteries are changed in seconds via a click-latch door in the back of the guitar, so you can even keep a spare charged battery in your pocket and change in the middle of a live set, if necessary.


The Dusk Tiger is crafted from a top made of Grade-A marblewood, an elegant hardwood from Suriname in South America, with a high density and an extremely beautiful grain. The marblewood is joined together with strips of ebony, and attached to a tone-chambered mahogany back.

The Dusk Tiger wears Gibson’s new Tiger Skin nitrocellulose finish, which employs several new processes to bring out the stunning beauty of the exceptional mahogany used in this model. The marblewood top is enhanced by a rich, natural finish, while the striking dark sides, neck, and unique tiger-striped back are enhanced by a Brilliant Copper finish.


The Dusk Tiger is equipped with unique, top of the line hardware, bringing you one great, solid feature after another.

Tuning Keys
The headstock of the is equipped with Gibson’s revolutionary Robot Tuners™. The redesigned Robot Tuners™ on the Dusk Tiger are significantly smaller and lighter, and more in line with the size and weight of conventional tuners. They’re also radically faster.

You can now access any preset tuning in less than one second, which means you can realistically change tunings in the middle of a song, if needed. What’s more, the tuners are now automatically engaged to operate both electronically or individually by hand.

Control Knobs

The volume control knobs are chromed knobs with abalone inserts, alongside a master tone control carrying a black speed knob, and an illuminated MCK II knob.

Dark Fire The Most Versatile Tone Monster Ever Made

Gibson’s New P-90H Pickup

The new P-90H black soapbar pickup is another example of Gibson’s drive to stay one step ahead. This new pickup offers all of the soulful, classic tone of Gibson’s legendary P-90 singlecoil pickup, but with none of the 60-cycle hum that usually plagues traditional singlecoil pickups. Gibson’s pioneering engineers were then able to secure all of the P-90’s vintage sonic characteristics, and deliver the same high output and sweet treble response that still makes the P-90 one of the most desirable pickups in the world.

Chameleon Tone Technology

The original Robot Guitar took the guitar world by storm when it was first     introduced in December ’07, but the new Dark Fire from Gibson is simply     the most advanced guitar system ever developed. In fact, many of the technological advances on the Dark Fire were virtually inconceivable just a few years ago; the Robot Tuners™, the tuning brain, the battery function and the sonic capabilities of a fully digital guitar make the new Dark Fire a virtual upgrade in every respect. Perhaps most impressive is Gibson’s new Chameleon Tone Technology, which allows you to change your guitar’s tone to match countless environments and to recreate any guitar sound you ever lusted after. The Dark Fire has arrived, and it’s guaranteed to give you a new, stunning level of tonal and functional freedom. Release your creative potential.

Tone Potentiometer and CPA.

The Dark Fire’s tone potentiometer and CPA have also beenredesigned so that turning the tone knob allows a very intuitive and significant change in tone, thus giving you even more ability to dial in your desired tone. This pioneering Gibson circuitry is studio quality with very little noise and/or signal loss, which delivers as much of the guitar’s authentic tone as possible.

Master Control Knob.

The key to controlling the powerful functions of the Dark Fire is the Master Control Knob (MCK), which has been completely redesigned with much improved ergonomics and a sophisticated full color matrix display featuring LEDs and high-tech light pipe technology, all to deliver a more powerful and easier to see visual display under any light condition. In addition to the MCK’s top mounted display, LED-lit symbols now adorn its outer edge, which blend with the color of the knob so that they’re only visible when lit. The Dark Fire’s new MCK also controls the ability to change pickups and coils, allowing you the ability to adjust tone and tunings automatically and simultaneously, even several times during the same song.

Dual Black Binding.

The body is also bound with dual black binding, which accents the Dark Fire’s exclusive finish perfectly and provides both the protection and beauty of traditional Gibson binding. The process of applying the body binding to the Dark Fire is the same process employed by Gibson craftsmen for over 100 years. And while some question the value of adding binding to a guitar, Gibson believes it to be an essential part of is rich guitar-making history, and a vital design element that adds elegance and helps protects the edges of the body.


While the heart of the Dark Fire’s abilities lie within the guitar itself, the compact Robot Interface Pack (RIP) interface can connect this versatile guitar to Windows or Mac computers to release Dark Fire’s ultimate tonal versatility — live or in the studio. In fact, the RIP lets you realize the full potential of Gibson’s new Chameleon Tone Technology.

RIP connects to your computer with a single FireWire cable: There’s no need to open up the computer, and you can easily move RIP from desktop to laptop or any other computer. The computer gives you instant access to countless recording applications and software effects processors, including Ableton Live 7 Gibson Studio Edition and Native Instruments’ Guitar Rig 3, both of which come with every Dark Fire guitar. Use these programs to record your latest ideas, access hundreds of different guitar effects and amplifiers, create backing tracks and much more.

Piezo Bridge Pickup.

The Dark Fire also features a revolutionary Gibson-designed piezo bridge pickup that actually consists of six individual piezo pickups — one for each saddle/string. These piezo pickups go through a studio-quality active amplifier that allows for a stronger and more natural acoustic guitar sound. Combined, the two classic electromagnetic pickups and the piezo bridge pickup are wired in such a way to allow each individual coil to be used in a switching matrix, giving you over 20 separate combinations of tone and an incredible array of tonal possibilities.

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  • 1GHz Apple A4 custom-designed, high-performance, low-power system-on-a-chip.

Mac system requirements

  • Mac computer with USB 2.0 port
  • Mac OS X v10.5.8 or later
  • iTunes 9.0 or later (free download from www.itunes.com/download)
  • iTunes Store account
  • Internet access

Windows system requirements

  • PC with USB 2.0 port
  • Windows 7; Windows Vista; or Windows XP Home or Professional with Service Pack 3 or later
  • iTunes 9.0 or later (free download from www.itunes.com/download)
  • iTunes Store account
  • Internet access